Selected Exhibitions
- Radiant, Davis Gallery, Austin TX (2017)
- Painters Painting Painters, Davis Gallery, Austin TX (2016)
- Seeking Surreal, Davis Gallery, Austin TX (2016)
- Terra Chroma, Davis Gallery, Austin TX (2015)
- Hunting Art Prize Finalists Exhibition, Houston TX (2015)
- People's Gallery, Austin TX (2015)
- Collective Chemistry, Davis Gallery, Austin TX (2014)
- 11th National Juried Exhibition, Ceres Gallery, NYC (2014)
- Juried Exhibition, Blue Mountain Gallery, NYC (2013)
- Painted Forest, Norwood Flynn, Dallas TX (2013)
- Expo 31, B.J. Spoke Gallery, Huntington NY (2012)
- People's Gallery, Austin TX (2012)
- Chelsea Biennial Art Exhibition, Paula Barr, NYC (2011)
- 51st International Award Exhibition, San Diego Art Institute (2011)
- Sin!, Bakehouse Art Complex, Miami FL (2010)
- Either/Or, Union Street Gallery, Chicago Heights IL (2010)
- New*Art, Armory Art Center, West Palm Beach FL (2010)
- Private Eyes: Artists’ Visions, Marin Museum of Contemporary Art (2010)
- 25th Annual Tallahassee Intl Juried Competition, Florida State University Museum of Fine Art (2010)
- National Juried Art Exhibition, Academy of Fine Arts, Lynchburg VA (2010)
- Wide Open Juried Art Show, Brooklyn NY (2010)


Denise M. Fulton was born in Ohio in 1970. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and promptly disappeared into the corporate world, where she remained for nearly twenty years. While helping to produce dozens of high-profile video games, she devoted much of her time and energy to painting.

Finally recognizing art as her vocation, she began her professional fine art career in 2009. Since then, she has exhibited her work in prestigious shows across the country. Her work is also featured in many private collections.

Fulton currently resides in Austin, Texas.

Davis Gallery (Austin)